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Fraud, ignored and no refund yet

Ok let me start before I complain to say I have had consistent nowtv sports packages for at least 5 years, NEVER HAD AN ISSUE, until now!

Few weeks back i received emails that I had signed up for cinema and entertainment, was charged £9.99 for one the other was a free trial... I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THESE.
raised this matter immediately (4th June) and now tv and myself emailed back and forth over the course of a week making progress, eventually ip addresses (down south, I am in North-west) were highlighted as 'odd' and i confirmed they were not me and both fraudulent activity.

This caused much stress as I used this password elsewhere and immediately panicked.

NowTV offered a refund without peace of mind that my data/privacy hasn't been compromised and advised me to contact the police (yeh RIGHT!!)
Anyway, i accepted the refund in writing and I am constantly chasing this... I CANNOT GET A REPLY.
I have started new emails, replied to there last correspondence to me, even filled out a new web-form which originally engineered a response from them the first time... Nothing!!!

I have gone past the refund now, the customer service is non existent. I dont believe I was hacked but I believe nowtv WAS hacked, i wanted peace of mind and perhaps a gesture of good will!!! Settled for my £9.99 back and cant even get that!!!

Any advice?? I have no added a payment pin and changed my password. Cancelled all my memberships fraudulent ones i didnt sign up for an even my skysports one, they are not getting another penny out of me, lol.

How can they be so rude and ignorant, its not about the money, i suspect all our details, passwords and pin numbers are in the hands of some vial creature now and further fraud anticipated!!


@Karl-F do you or know anyone that can help me please?

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Elite 3

I suspect that your personal account details have been compromised and you were wise to change them. If NOW had been hacked I imagine there would be a more widespread outcry. I am glad that they seem to have resolved it for you. 


they havent resolved it, if you read my message they are ignoring me and I have come here to try and get help & advice. I dont know what to do

Elite 3

Sorry, you said "NowTV offered a refund?" 

You won't get support from here I'm afraid, you need to get back to them directly. Have you tried Chat online from the button near the top of the page here?