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Finding out you have an active pass on an inactive account



So a few days ago I noticed I was being billed 11.99 for a cinema pass but on my account there was no active pass. 


After days of going through multiple live chats and many helpful people, I discovered that I had an old account that had an active pass. I have not used this account since September 2018 so coming upto a year now. The total I was charged was £129.88!

I then tried to get a refund, the now TV people could see that I haven't used that account since September 2018 and could only offer me 11.99 refund even though the passes have not been used. 


On my account that I have now, I have bought multiple passes and have spent £164.75. The total amount I have paid in the last 12 months to now TV is £294.63.


This has been a costly mistake and a very disheartening result, I couldn't find any information on this process anywhere so I thought I'd make a post about it to help someone else who may go through this situation, you CAN get a refund but do not expect the full amount!


Also a lovely person on Live chat told me that if you don't respond/send a message within 5 minutes of the previous message you will be timed out (I frustrating situation I have found myself in the last few days!)


Thank you for reading! 

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