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Entertainment pass not working after Vodafone number change

I have a 12 month pass via my Vodafone contract that worked fine until I had a number change. I got an email to confirm that my pass had been deactivated so went back through the process of adding the pass and got a page that confirmed that the pass was active. However when I try to watch anything, it says I need to buy a pass.

Any ideas?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Not familiar with these Vodafone offers, but i am assuming you only have one NowTV account with the same email address and you are signing into your playback devices with this same email address ?


Maybe speak to both Vodafone and NowTV about this,where i would have thought between both companies they could track down your Vodafone 12 month entertainment pass on your account.


You should find their contact details towards the bottom section of this help article.


Try Vodafone first, then if no luck see if NowTV live chat can help you out.