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Entertainment Pass price increase

Just received notification of an 11% price hike from £8.99 to £9.99 a month for the Entertainment Pass - surely at this level compared to competitors , Full HD/4K and DD5.1 should be included as standard rather than another jaw dropping £3 per month?
Getting hard to justify the cost compared to, say DisneyPlus or Apple TV+....

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Pay more for stuff on Freeview?


Sky Arts confirms free-to-air move. Pay-TV channel to be made available via Freeview and Freesat from September


For me, it'll be like paying the full £9.99 for Sky Atlantic  😞

Doesn't really stack up now against Netflix - or even Prime Video that I get as a side benefit of being an Amazon Prime customer. And they're having a laugh charging an extra £3 for HD...

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Almost cancelled back in Nov/Dec 2019 when it went up to £8.99 and also at the previous increase but will definitely be cancelling prior to next price rise and possibly even prior to next subscription date in about 10 days if finished watching something. About 2 years ago it cost £5/month via 3-month vouchers so is now about to become double that!

Used mainly to access Sky Atlantic programmes at home (not available on Virgin) and for a family cottage that just has Freesat.

On seeing the email title ‘Your subscription is changing’ I knew it would involve a price increase and wondered if Full HD etc might now be included in the price rise, or at least some additional token benefit like a channel you’ll never watch, but nothing. I wonder how many people allow themselves to be ripped off an extra £3/month for HD, which a few years ago was meant to be ‘coming soon’ and only unavailable for technical reasons.

Reasonably likely that I’ll resubscribe intermittently for a month at a time in order to watch any highly regarded boxed sets not otherwise available, but definitely not on a continuous basis.


If I can continue to get Entertainment Passes @ £10 for 2 months then I won't cancel otherwise it may be time to cancel it like I did Movies/Cinema a few months back.

Sky Arts meaning even more on Freeview than before and all those shows that I didn't watch now in their specially Sky Branded channels aren't added value for me and neither would 1080p Dolby 5.1 etc be, need more shows form other channels not on NowTV that I might even consider watch is the only thing that will add  for me.

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Not applicable'll be like paying the full £9.99 for Sky Atlantic  ?

Doesn't really stack up now against Netflix - or even Prime Video that I get as a side benefit of being an Amazon Prime customer. 


Same for me as I get all the other channels on Virgin.   



Cheaper to buy the passes from Supermarkets or even better value with Amazon. 
Don’t pay a monthly direct debit- it’s too expensive.  


@Alandg @Anonymous User 


Just checked in Sainsbury’s, and a month’s Entertainment Pass from there is now £8.



Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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@Pbreadysky @Alandg @Neil-C @Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

What we all need to remember is that we are dealing with a Sky owned company, so of course we should fully expect price increases.


Speaking of the “boost” apart from cinema and sports Sky charge £5 a month for the HD privilege on their “entertainment” package. So it’s really no real difference.


That being said, with these price increases I’d hope Now TV ditch the 1080p and 5.1 aspect of the boost and start pushing to sell it as more the 3rd stream and of course when they decide to introduce it on Now TV 4K streaming. So it would bring it in line similarly to an extent with Netflix. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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What we all need to remember is that we are dealing with a Sky owned company, so of course we should fully expect price increases.


Who pays full price for Entertainment anyway?  I only have it right now because I had a stick with a 3 month voucher on and when the 3 months is up, I will either take the retention offer or cancel it and wait for the email with an offer.




you can get 12 months of entertainment for £6.99/month

and/or 12 months of cinema for £9.99/month


No need to do it for the whole 12 months.  Just cancel existing pass (assuming it renews before end of month) and get these offers

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I understand why they have increased the price as in fairness we have had 3 completely new channels [Sky History, Sky Nature, Sky Documentaries] plus a swap of one Channel [National Geographic Swap] and the upgrade to HD [Fox] of another channel. So the Entertainment pass has certainly grown this year and we have more content then we originally did. To be honest I’m kind of surprised that the cinema pass hasn’t increased as well. 



I agree with a lot that you are saying I think it is crazy in a way that full Sky Q you still need pay for HD to be honest but that’s another debate. 

I can’t see 4K Streaming via NowTV for many years to come sadly. Think the platform needs to get all of its devices up to same stand with 1080P 50FPS Boost and Extra Streams before anything else happens. 

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Pfffft. Its all about the money. Nothing more nothing less.

"Boost" is a joke of a product still being pushed well rammed down our throats.

There will be another price rise in 2021, they can't help themselves. The price of now tv in 2017 was 6.99. Its now 9.99? Yes there are 3 additional channels but the actual content being shown hasn't changed or updated..... and they are Sky's own channels.

The latest update has reduced usability / functionality - watchlist/ continue watching -broken, a TV guide that just displays now and next but defaults to sports. Congratulations you have made it harder to navigate.

The lack of respect or appreciation by NowTV to its customers is quite shocking  - You should pay more and have fewer deals..... after 4.5 years to see no deals on the special deals tab is exceptional.