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Duplicate accounts, double payments, intermittent service

Hi forum 

2 part question 


1) I’ve been paying sometimes for multiple accounts due to a family separation and I wondered if there was a way to delete an account entirely without looking like I’m being difficult.


I don’t want to remove devices, change passwords, or trigger password resets - how do I just delete or merge an account?


2) if I have double paid for the same subscription services ie sky sports and not used , is there any scope for refunds or future consideration?


i hope that makes sense, I want to merge and manage my accounts.

The recent outage has caused a spat and I don’t need that, as it is a very difficult situation when it seems petty to cancel something but stupid to pay twice.





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Hi @Anonymous User 


Are you the authorised account member of both accounts and are both accounts in your name ?


NOW don't usually offer two accounts to be merged into one and you will have to cancel any Memberships on one account and use the other account in the future.


If other persons have access to your playback devices or know your account login then if it was me i would force a logout of all devices on both accounts and change your password on both accounts by following the instructions in this link guide below. 


You could always try NOW live chat to see if they can assist and help you further on the matter to see if there is a more simpler way to close one of the accounts that you don't want in the future. 


@Anonymous User 


(This crossed with @schnapps @posting above)


It sounds like you need Family Counselling more than twiddling with Now…..


But Now can’t really do ‘nice’ or ‘nasty’; just dispassionate account adjustments.


And how people are going to take those probably isn’t in your hands either.


As to what you can do, you can’t merge accounts.


What you can do, most gently,  is, account by account:-

cancel passes (memberships) which will then each end at the date of next billing (which may be different from pass to pass);

and set a payment PIN that only you know to prevent anyone else with access to the account from renewing them.


More drastically, you can change the password on an account to one that only you know. This won’t deprive anyone with current access on a TV or Stick of that access, but will stop them logging in anywhere new. And it will immediately stop access on tablets and phones, where the login isn’t persistent,


More drastically, still, you can blow everybody else off an account when you change the password, so their access stops immediately, and they can’t get back on without the new password.


The rough equivalent of merging accounts is to shut one down, slowly or fast, as above, and then give anyone you still want to have access the details to log on to the other account.


Rough, because there may or may not be the same passes on both accounts (Cinema, Entertainment, Sports, Hayu), and even with Boost, there is the limit of three simultaneous accesses at a time, which may or may not suit your/their usage pattern.


In which case, you might want to give notice that the accounts you are paying for are not going to renew and the passes will end on such and such a date, and/or that their access will be revoked from such and such a date (possibly immediate, possibly in the future).


And also note that you can’t blow people off an account selectively; you have to blow everybody off together, including yourself, and then just let back on the people you want to stay by giving them the revised details.


So, if you can’t get the combination of actions you need, you might want to start a further new account, adding passes as they expire from the existing accounts so you aren’t double-paying for anything, setting a Payment PIN on the new account, and only allowing on it the people you want to keep paying for.


Regarding refunds, if you have recently paid for a particular pass on a particular account, and nobody has used it, then you can ask Live Chat if you can get a refund.


In fact, you might want to discuss the whole situation with them, see if they can suggest anything I haven’t covered above, as per @schnapps link.



Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.