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Double payment for Sky Cinema Taken. No Live Chat. Can i email?

Hey guys - I have been charged twice for Sky cinema. 

When i go into passes it only shows one, but in payments 2 active.

I cant delete one. 

Worried this will continue to happen.

How can i contact NOW TV to get this resolved.

Is there an email in replace of live chat?

Is live chat going to be resumed once they sort remote working using the system anyone know? 

thanks in advance

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User  Welcome to the community.


As live chat is currently unavailable I’d suggest filling in this form

and submitting it for the NOW TV Team to look into - in the comments section give as much info as you can about what has happened so they can investigate. 

Although it says they will look into this within 48 hours, I’ve no idea how long it will take for them to reply given the current situation, so if I was you if live chat becomes available again before you get a reply, I’d pop on there as well.

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