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Device change limit not explained at purchase

This a post regarding device limit. I’ve recently purchased now tv cinema and entertainment passes. From my account I removed two mobiles that I would no longer be using. The idea was to activate now tv on my PS4 to watch on the main tv. Then only to be given a message about how I’ve exceeded the limit to change devices.  Upon purchase I was advised I can have up to 4 devices registered at one time. but wasn’t told that I can only make one change a month. This warning was hidden in the TnCs.  With the month just started, the family must now watch our programs from a tiny laptop. Am I able to get a refund? Not what I signed up for.

TLDR: when sold the now tv, we weren’t told we can make one change only a month. Can’t watch on tv as it’s regis as a new device. What can I do?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Pop over to live chat and explain to them what's happened where they will either grant you some extra device swaps this month or will clear your device list on your account so you can start again adding a maximum of 4 devices to your account list.


Link here to live chat.

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Yeah, chat will fix it eventually but the rule is a total pain. 


I can't believe 4 is the limit.  Lots of folk must be easily averaging 4+ devices these days at home - eg we've got a nowtv stick, 2 smart tvs, multiple phones, 2 ipads, the xbox and a few laptops in the house.


I missed the start of the football waiting on the clowns on chat releasing mine yesterday.  I'd had a problem watching on the xbox so they told me to try using the laptop next time - removed the xbox only to find that I couldnt add the laptop because I'd already made a change.  I got my limit reset but only after theyd given me a lecture on the rules / 4 limit.


Hope you got sorted.