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Scholar 2

Device Limit is a Joke

I've been using Now TV on just my XBox and PC without the boost. 

Now i wanted to watch 2 things at once tonight, so i signed up and paid for boost. 

Watching one on my pc, one on my xbox. I had to quit my xbox app for a few minutes, then went back to watch it again...

you can't watch on this device because you're streaming on too many devices at once! Tried quitting the app and reloading, 20 minutes later still won't let me watch. 

Boost is supposed to let you watch on 3 devices, yes? I've only used Now tv on 2 different devices going back at least 3 years! So what in the hell does it think i'm watching it on????

Scholar 2

Never mind, i figured it out. 


Although in my xbox app it said my boost was active, it wouldn't let me watch again until i logged out on the app and logged in again. Pretty strange, as i was watching 2 streams at once earlier, so it must have known i had boost. Makes no sense, but that's life for you.