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Delayed Connection Compansation

How do I set out a detailed compensation claim?  Emails in my "Message Centre" do not accurately document events and so I do not expect the Auto-Compensation procedure to work.  I feel NowTV Broadband have been very creative in doing this. Luckily I can prove everything I assert below.


For example: Call centre personnel have made appointments and then later denied having made those appointments. Then Emails have been sent (which I had had no access to because I was not connected), saying I need not wait in, etc.


On my go-live date, phone and broadband services went live, but after 2 hours broadband was disabled.  I was told a technician needed to access my property even though I am not interested in the TV side of things and will not be using those services.


I waited on two separate dates for an engineer who  did not show, then after 11 days without broadband, all by itself the router lit up and broadband resumed.


These jokers were informed that I had mobility issues and was stuck unable to order in provisions.  They refused to give me contact numbers for USwitch or Ofcom and when I refused to be fobbed off they put the phone down on me.