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Customer service & Live Chat JOKE!

Hi I bought the much advertised now TV stick.

My Card details will not go through so I rang up customer service. After 30mins I got an answer and he had no advice at all basically said he couldn't help me at all!!..

So I tryed Live Chat. Heach he just wasted my time with use less comments often of no concern to my previous question or answer  until it timed out!

What the he'll this is disgusting and a waste of time. I have wasted my day on here and the above customer service's and got absolutely nowhere. I will definitely be telling anyone who will listen to stay away from the Nowner TV Stick and thanks for wasting my day and killing me mood.

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Re: Customer service & Live Chat JOKE!

usual sky customer service by the sounds of it, had it myself, just rubbish!

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