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Credit card refused and loss of Sky Sports

So i have stranded credit card, which NOW TV used to take money off for the Sky Sports Package. A package priced for me at 20 pounds for 9 months. I was looking at boost as i was offered it for 2 pounds for 3 months. When i tried to click on it, i was told my credit card had been declined with no explanation, the credit card company said it was not them.


When i tried to ring, i got got, if it aint about Broad band we are not interested use the web.


Now when i try and get back the sky package, guess what, its not my 20 pounds a month but 33.99 a month. As i cannot talk to any one i am now stuck with no human voice to speak to, to re enable the package at the lower price. I want to see what happens here before going to social media.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


The NOW Community is predominantly a customer helping out fellow customers forum, where i doubt anybody on here will be able to help.


For account related TV matters your better off jumping over to NOW live chat (use the green chat button from this link below).


Or alternatively drop them a message using the web form on the same link.


I doubt also NOW Facebook or NOW Twitter would be any help and they will refer you to the NOW live webchat service, where there will be a human at the end of the line, though you would be communicating via chat typing rather than a telephone conversation.