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Credit card charges

I was given a gift card from my son a few years ago & suddenly from May this year I have been charged £9.99 from my credit card when I don’t use Now TV????

I would like a refund and find out how I have been charged for something I don’t use.

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Re: Credit card charges



If you have ever logged in to Now on a TV, app or stick, or someone else with your account details has, and you didn’t set a Payment PIN on the account, then anyone using that TV, opening the Now app and selecting to watch a programme, will start the subscription up again.


Could this have happened? Four year olds can manage it apparently…


Run your old account up again and look under Manage Account/Devices to get a clue to what might be in use.


There is more advice here:-

It talks about Cancelled accounts, but it pretty much applies to live Accounts where all you have Cancelled is the passes, as well.

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