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Coupon to get 3 months for £3.33

Hi, I have a coupon to get a discounted, 3 month entertainment pass. I pay £3.33 a month and this will end in June. I’ve done something similar in the past and it’s just rolled on at full price without me checking. How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again at the end of the 3 months? Thanks

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Hi @Anonymous User 


When in the last 30 days remaining of the current £3.33 monthly offer finishing in June (maybe a week before the current offer expires cancel it, where you will still get the full length duration of the offer).


Make sure you cancel the Entertainment pass fully by going through the step by step on screen cancel procedure (approx 4 steps) when going to My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst signed in here, until you see the green thumbs up cancelled message on screen and cancelled is also shown next to your Entertainment pass to prevent the £8.99 full charge auto renewing each month.


When you cancel the Entertainment pass you may or may not be offered a new retention discounted offer to stay for a further number of months.


If you don't get a retention offer and don't want to pay the full £8.99 rolling monthly subscription, then look at NowTV Entertainment Gift cards from places like Currys for 2 months Entertainment for £10 which works out at £5 per month instead of the full price of £8.99 per month.


Or leave the Entertainment pass cancelled and not watch anything with NowTV Entertainment, where you can return and buy a Entertainment Pass or apply a voucher in the future whenever you want.


Also if other people have access to your devices on your account (children for example etc) then it is recommended to add a payment pin on your account by going to My Account > Settings & Pins to avoid them either restarting your cancelled Entertainment pass or buying passes on your account anytime in the future without your knowledge.

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Thank you, I’ll do that!