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Confusing Sign Up. Have I subscribed to something or not?

Hi All.


I signed up for Now Broadband last week and received a few emails asking me to complete my account, set password etc. which I logged in and did.


However the last email I received said Congratulations you're all set to watch TV, Movies bla bla bla.

At no time did I sign up to any TV subscription.


When I log in to my account and go to bills and payments it shows TV payment method and Broadband Payment Method. 


But under NOW membership it just shows


Cinema - Start Trial

Entertainment - Start Trial

Sports Month - Add Membership

Sports Day - Add Membership




If I search cancel it takes me to the same page!


Have I signed up for TV or not?

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Elite 2

Perhaps you had an offer which included TV? Your best bet is to get in touch with customer services, call 0330 041 2518 to clarify.