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Chat won't help, says account name doesn't match

I added a 1 month cinema voucher that later vanished.


The big problem is that live chat won't help because they say my name is different. I can see what my name is on my account / my details and it is correct. I have been in live chat with multiple assistants and keep getting disconnected due to timeout and they sit around scratching their heads not knowing what to do. I thought I was getting somewhere when one person had me email in a screentshot of the My Details page, but got disconnected. 


I have tried sending a complaint email but just get told my name doesn't match the account. It does! 


I have full access to my account, can confirm all details, but keep being told the name is different. 

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Chat won't help, says account name doesn't match

Hi @Andy12 


I can't help with your account because i am a customer just like you (unless somebody from the NowTV Forum Staff picks up this thread from here).


With regards to the missing one month voucher from your account, have you gone to My Account > Bills & Payments whilst logged in here to see if there is a zero £0 cinema charge for the month you was expecting the voucher to cover for ?


The only reason i am asking a couple of customers including myself found a glitch on the My Account > Passes & Vouchers section which didn't match with the Bills & Payments section of our account (NowTV are looking into it).


You may or may not be effected with this same glitch on your account as well.



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