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Charges phone

Would you kindly look at my phone charges. I have been charged for a number of calls from to my mobile and to my wife’s mobile. All on the same day for just a few seconds.
Would you kindly refund this amount back to my account. Kind regards, Kevin
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Hi @Anonymous User 


My understanding is that if you phone from your landline and have NowTV Broadband with the  Anytime Telephone package, then if it's a UK mobile number and the call is less than one hour then it should be free.


Don't know if there is any caveats to this policy, maybe have a read of this linked help article to see if your calls was outside the Anytime bracket that doesn't apply.


Anyway your best option would to give the NowTV Broadband Team a call for further clarification and to discuss a possible refund.


You will find their telephone number under My Account > Orders & Appointments whilst signed in on here and click the drop down arrow below your live date when on the Orders & Appointments page.


Hope you get it resolved.