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Charges for another account

I only use one account which but when I bought a now tv stick for tv I made another to use the free passes since I used up my screen limit on main account. I cancelled the second account passes soon after I cancelled so I wasn’t charged (why would I wanna pay for double passes when I pay for 3 on one account) 

i forgot email address and password for account but my credit card is being charged(second account) 

tried account finder and it can’t find it 

how can I get a refund and get it cancelled even though it I did it originally?

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Re: Charges for another account



Well Jordan


You made the mistake in believing that you could not use your free passes with your current account, you can because I have done so in the past.  That is, I've bought additional Now TV streaming devices and added their free passes to my current Now TV account.


In fact, many senior forum members find it cheaper to buy passes by purchasing new "Now TV devices with free passes" than just buying passes separately.


The only thing you would not be entitled to is additional "7 day free trials", once you've had one of those that would be your lot.  However, free passes that come with new devices, you can have as many of those as you like.


As for your second account, I'm guessing you didn't cancel it properly, simply because the cancellation process takes four active steps and if you miss one the process will not take.


But if you got an email from Now TV confirming the cancellation of you account then you will be in a strong position when you put in your claim. 


Unfortunately, Now TV's Live Chat is unavailable so I guess you'll have to wait until their back and hopefully then you will get your refund.



UK Bob





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