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Charged for a pass that a don't want

I've been charged 5.99 for a mobile sports pass after having a trial voucher that came from GAME. When I try to cancel the pass it's not showing that I have it!!! So I have been charged for something I don't want and have no way of cancelling!!!! This is ridiculous!!

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@Anonymous User 

If you sign up to a trial, you need to cancel this before it finishes. Otherwise you will be charged the full pass price. 

The below article shows the mobile pass is a monthly charge.


To cancel your pass, follow the instructions on the below link.


As a last resort you can pop onto Live chat, but don't expect a refund instantly or at all.


1. NOW TV account & payments

2. Cancelling or renewing NOW TV Passes

3. Drop down 'How to get in touch'

4. Live Chat

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

@Anonymous User 


It sounds like you have a second account on the go, which this pass is on.


Is that possible?


NowTV desperately needs a feature by which anybody can enter credit or debit card details (with the security code to prevent fraudulent use) and be told what accounts are active on the card in question. 

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.