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Changing card details

Right so I’ve logged in initially using my details and it’s tried to get me to register my address again (only gives me options for Ireland I’m in Bristol U.K.) 

then managed to get to my account through a link on an email where it doesn’t ask me for address and tried to change card details so that I can pay for my sky entertainment and movies pass which had been cancelled but it won’t let me enter new card details to pay for it and it’s not showing that I have any passes on my account when I have a sports account already and I check previous bills and I get oops something went wrong 

I can’t use the live chat as every time I try it keeps taking me back to the same page where I have to update my card details and it won’t let me!!!!

i just want to pay for entertainment and movies packages on the new card 

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Re: Changing card details

Hi @forbesdaniel 


When you go to the NowTV  main website page make sure in the url address bar it is not directing you to the Republic of Ireland NowTV website which will have ie embedded in the url where the offers and passes on the main page will show Euros.


At the bottom of the website page it should offer you to go to NowTV UK website.


See if this link takes you to the UK website and then access your account under My Account, then sign in, then select Personal details to update your bank card. 


If you are still getting no joy, then try a different internet browser with it's adblocking software disabled or try your browser in either a Private Window or Incognito mode (MS Edge browser works for me).








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Re: Changing card details

I have same issue, changed banks so new card and no way to enter it. 


Payment screen flashes up then gets redirected to home page for existing customers.


They are about to lose a customer due to cr4p IT system.


Tried different browsers, all do same.

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