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Changing address and upgrading

Hi there, 


Just looking for some help i phoned up not long ago to change address and upgraded to fab fiber also to start on the 14/5 when on the phone was told it would be around £25 through when the agreement email came through it says £32 for fab fiber and £8 for calls though we dont want calls as we dont use the landline. Wondering if this will go down once we have to pay the first month or if that is going to be the price. 

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Hi @Gregor 


The price shouldn't change in the second month.


I am assuming the order has gone through and already started with regards to the change of address and Broadband upgrade ?


if so when you go to your online NOW account under My Account > My Bills & Payments what price does it show for any up & coming payments ?


To be honest your best bet is to get back on the phone to the NOW Broadband Team where it sounds to me they have incorrectly charged you for the upgrade price promised.


When you phone them back and if you don't need the Anytime calls package you can ask for it to be removed together with the price relating to Anytime Calls if this is a feature you do not require. 


Hey @schnapps 

Thanks for getting back, I’ve just seen this now.


The upcoming payment shows only the existing Brilliant Broadband that we pay on the 22nd, I believe the Fab Fibre will change for May’s bill.

The fibre was quoted as £25 on the phone, but yes it says £32 for fibre and £8 for anytime calls from the email we received. 
thanks I’ll phone to query the pricing,