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Change payment card

Please can someone advise how I change my payment card. I have been on my account and clicked to update my payment details but there is no button to save the changes. Am I missing something somewhere? Tried it on Edge, Firefox and Safari browsers but no button. Any help would be appreciated.

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Right, after finally getting an email from technical support, the problem has been solved for me. 

If you haven't been supplied with the fix, or looking here for help, here is how to sort the problem. 


1. Go to the update card details where you input your new bank card info.


2. Input new card details.


3. Go to the billing address details underneath your card details.


4. Select the option to manually input your billing address.


5. On door number, this needs to be 3 digits long. So for examples:

If your door number is 8, enter 008

If your door number is 23 enter 023

If your door number is 315 enter 315.

Basically insert 0's before your number to make it 3 digits.


6.Enter the rest of your address in the other boxes. 


7. Hit the submit button at the bottom of the page. 


That should be your details now saved. 

Thanks to the technical support for finally getting back to m with this fix. 

Not an obvious solution, but worked for me. 

Hope this helps anyone else having this issue. 

All the best. 


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Having exactly the same problem. Tried different browsers on two different mobile devices, plus tried mozilla, Internet explorer and a couple of other browsers on a laptop. No button to save new card details.

Was on live chat for half an hour yesterday to try and resolve, and after trying all of the above, told that technical support will help further, but they were not available to join on live chat... So they would email me the solution.

24 hours later and still no email.

After the rubbish black Friday deals this year for loyal customers, it really looks like nowtv have no interest in keeping loyal customers... Especially when passes are expiring and I can't even give them my money!!!

Sort this out nowtv... Very poor show! 

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Hi, I am glad it’s not just me. I’ve tried every browser going and just can’t change my card. My bank has cancelled the registered card due to some fraudulent transaction attempts and so Nowtv won’t be able to charge it. If I can’t change my payment card then they don’t get any money. Am waiting for technical support to get in touch but I guess given what you’ve said that’s not going to happen. Have contacted @nowtvhelp on twitter as well but had no reply. The customer service is absolutely appalling.

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Hahaha yes, also had the joy of lack of reply on twitter as well. 

Also seen others on there also with the same problem.

Need to change card as I've changed who I bank with since last year's Black Friday. 

This time, last year I was loving nowtv. 

Funny how things change so quick! 

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3 days now.

Still no email recieved. 

Still Nothing from technical support. 

Still not able to change my payment card. 

Still no reply on twitter to my issue to confirm if this is even being addressed. 

Absolutly nothing.. 

Really taking the pee now!!!!! 

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They have started sending me emails telling me they couldn’t take my next payment as the card declined and to update my card details. You literally could not make this up! What an absolute farce. 

Does anyone from ‘customer services’ actually read these posts or are we just to help one another?

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I believe nowtv do read the posts, but if they don't have a solution to the problem, they run away and hide. 

Not answering customers that are having real problems with the service seems to be a common situation I am encountering. 

Yeah, I have also been getting the emails. Expecting my sky cinema pass to get turned off any day now, and was on a free trial for the HD pack, which has also finished and is awaiting payment. 

Another week and my entertainment pass expires... 

So unless they get this problem sorted, they will be giving me no other option than to look elsewhere to get my services. 

Even saying "sorry, we don't have a solution at this moment, but rest assured, we are working hard to fix the issue" would give some piece of mind that something is gettig done... But nowtv just totally ignoring a problem does not make it go away.


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Clearly no one reads them.

I doubt there even is a customer service. Its frustrating and hopeless. Disney and Mac got us as new subscribers instead. 

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I gave had several emails about not being able to take payment and give new card details which i did now they are cancelling my account and i cant find a contact number to sort this out, what can i do now!


I updated my card details before Christmas with my new card as the old one was expiring. My next pass payment failed as the system defaulted back to the old card. I updated the card details again and the payment went through fine the next day. As did my next different pass payment.


I brought it up with online chat who changed the subject to talk about how wonderful the passes are and not the matter at hand. Absolutely useless.


And now again today my pass payment failed again. When I logged in the system had my old card details on it again. I've updated my payment details with a completely different card now so I hope it goes through ok tomorrow and stays there.


What the hell is going on NowTV?