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Change NowTV email address linked to BT Youview Account

I have an issue and both BT, Sky and NowTV tell me the other is the one to sort it. 


My email address for my NowTV account was once linked to a Sky account in my mothers name. Therefore my account has always had first name/surname as my mothers. Recently I upgraded by BT YouView package to include a NowTV pass, therefore my NowTV account is linked to my BT Youview account which is in my name. 


I've come to try and change the name on my NowTV, it takes me to BT and then to Sky. The Sky account details are my mothers and the BT account details are mine.


All I want to do is change the NowTV account that is linked to my BT youview account. BT say they can't do this, NowTV need to send me a reset password or something. A BT TV Person told me to contact NowTV on livechat and the bot just sent me in circles. 


Can someone please help me?!

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@Anonymous User 
There is live chat where you speak to a member of NOW staff, what you got was the “helpful bot” which is ironic.

Use this link to get to live chat, just make sure to click “chat online”.

Alternatively you can use this link for “reset your password” FAQ.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help