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Card details incorrect - they’re not

Hi, I hope someone here can help because NowTV itself is absolutely useless! 

My mum has been paying £8.99 for an entertainment pass since October 19. There was a payment in October and one in November. For no reason, December was declined. When I went on to her account to make sure the card details were correct, it kept saying the card details were wrong. I entered them manually multiple times and I know they were correct. Her card details are also stored on my phone and I used the auto fill feature once as well (which I know are correct because I just used said feature to help her buy something online) and it was still declined. I have checked the details, they are not wrong. She hasn’t changed her card, or card details, nor has she changed address. 

she’s spoken to her bank and they have confirmed there is nothing wrong with her card or account. Her card works perfectly fine online and in store as well. 

NowTV have been absolutely useless trying to help with this and we’re both getting very frustrated. 

it’s a visa debit card and a uk sterling bank account. 

any help would be immensely appreciated. Thanks 

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