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Cannot update my payment card - 'Payment details' page does not show

I need to update my payment details. 


When I go into 'Bills and payments' and then click 'Payment details', this page will not show, it auto redirects to the 'Almost done' page without giving me the opportunity to see which payment details are currently registered or change them.


Have tried multiple browsers, multiple devices with the same behaviour.


Live chat has been down for weeks due to Covid 19, so I'm unable to get any help and thus unable to pay my bills and unable to buy an Entertainment pass.





Try it now.  I've just tried it, and worked fine. Maybe they were maintaining website.

Anonymous User
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I'm having the same issue, tried different browsers and devices. Wifi and mobile data on my phone. I click on payment details, it redirects to two pages that don't fully load and then i get redirected to the nowtv home page.

Driving me mad 😠

Anonymous User
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I have been trying for over a week several different ways and keep going back to the home page!!