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Cancelling my subscription but still being charged.

I cancelled my subscription months ago and I'm still being charged when I go to now tv and my account it says i haven't been charged but my statement says differently.

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Andy Legend 5
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Re: Cancelling my subscription but still being charged.

@Rud101 Welcome to the community. 

If your account is showing no payments or active passes then you may be logged into the wrong account and the charges will be coming from a different account. Try logging into any other accounts you've had (or other people in the household have) to see if the charges are from there. 

The following help page will explain how to track down other accounts.

If you still can't find where the payments are coming from, or you are sure you don't have any other accounts, then have a word with Live Chat they can help you track down where the problem is. To get to live chat go here

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