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Cancelling my nowtv subscription

I want to unsubscribe/cancel nowtv passes but when i log in with my details in passes page it doesn't show any cancel option (only option available to buy). It means doesn't reflect that i am currently using.

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Re: Cancelling my nowtv subscription



It sounds like you have created a duplicate account, which the passes are on.


Best to talk to Live Chat and try to find out what account your passes are on, of you can’t remember this, or find details of it.


Get in Touch (all the options, and the best place to start):-


On a screen with big buttons all around, you may find the link you need is under a tiny green arrow, so be vigilant.


 Live Chat and Send Us a Message:-


On Live Chat, when you can get onto it, keep your answers short, sweet and prompt, or it will time out on you.

If the person you are talking to doesn’t seem able to understand your issue, ask to be escalated to the next level of help.


<If you can’t access Live Chat and nothing happens, try a different browser from your usual one (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on which you haven’t disabled pop ups, third party cookies or indeed any cookies, haven’t set an Ad Blocker, and haven’t set Noscript on, or JavaScript off, as any or all of these things may prevent the Live Chat window appearing>

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