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Cancelling my membership

I started a free trial ages ago, now every month NOW take money out i have two payments one called 'now ents' for £9.99 and 'now boost' which is £5.00 but when i go to my memberships its saying i dont have one so i spoke to the bot and i looked at old accounts but i've only got this one and i can not cancel it AT ALL!!!!! please help me...

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 

Is it possible you have created a second account? 

Use the Account Finder button from this link page to check. 

Also if you check your bank statement is there any unique NOW reference number which usually starts with NOW ? 

If so if you quote this full reference number to live chat they should be able to pinpoint the active NOW account.

Open the link below and click on the green chat online button towards the top of the screen page to reach live chat (don't use the get help quicker button which is just a bot pointing you to NOW help articles).