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Cancelling membership whilst on an offer price

I’m on a half price reduced offer for the entertainment pass until June 2021. Can I cancel this as usual (next payment due 22/04/21) or will it just cancel the offer price and I’ll then end up paying full price until June?

I’ve clicked on the cancel button and the wording suggests I’ll lose my offer price but is unclear really. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

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If you cancel it will remove the offer - resulting in paying more when you switch it back on. if you watch it then it’s probably best to keep it active. 


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Hey Badger


I'm still a paid up NOW customer but I have cancelled passes in the past, i.e. a year or two back.


OK, so what I'm getting from your post is that you want to pause your membership for a short while.  Unfortunately, special offers are time limited and cannot be paused, only cancelled and then when you turn that pass back on you will be charged full price.


So you have a choice, either keep the pass as it is until it runs out in June or cancel it, pausing your membership for a while, and paying full price when you re-start the pass.


You can write to NOW at the following email:

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg


and ask for further clarification or, if NOW is feeling kind, ask to allow your pass to be paused for a while.


Hope this helps.



UK Bob


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Thanks for your reply. We basically just want to cancel the pass and not pay next month as there is nothing on there we watch anymore. I’m aware when/if I re-start it would be at the usual high price, I was basically concerned I’d somehow agreed to pay until June by accepting an offer and that if I cancel now I’d actually pay more until June. 

As I understand it though from your reply I should be safe to cancel.

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@Anonymous User 

Following advice from @ukbobboy and @Gavwad 


If you cancel now and decide to "rejoin" in June or July, I would strongly recommend checking your "offers" using these 2 links.

This is offers that are personalised to you.

This is offers that are open to everyone. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help