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Cancelled but still charged.

Tried cancel three times but been charged for another month!
I do not want it for another month, how do I get a refund? And how can I make a absolute sure that it's been cancelled this time?

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Andy Legend 5
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Re: Cancelled but still charged.



Welcome to the forum. You can cancel your pass by going to your My Account > My Passes page

You should see a list of any active passes you have on your account, with a cancel button next to them. Just click cancel and follow the steps all the way to the end.You should receive an email confirmation but you might want to take a screenshot of the cancelled pass as well.

As for a refund, you can try talking to live chat, explaining the situation and seeing if they can do anything for you. To get there go to the following help page


I would also recommend enabling your Payment PIN in your account, this will prevent accidental or unauthorised payments in the future. If you have a NOW TV Box it's easy for people to accidentally purchase a pass. To turn your Payment PIN on, go to your My Account > Payment PIN page

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