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Cancelled but charges reactivated

A long time ago I canceled Now TV. Recently while looking through my bank transactions I realised payments for Now TV are still being taken. There is an option to change payment method but not to remove it.

Apparently, a family member was able to watch something on Now TV which triggered a continuation of monthly payments. I did not authorise this. I am far beyond annoyed. Now TV has not only retained my credit card information they have acquired and used an updated card's credentials.

There is a backdoor to resume charges without approval from the credit card owner's permission and there appears to be no online method of canceling and removing retained payment card information.  Additionally, I cannot find an option to sign out of all devices so anyone trying to access NowTV would need the password.

The account management workflow and user options have been set up so as to trap users into not being able to permanently leave the subscription service.  In my view, this is a case of miss-selling, possibly credit card fraud.  My next step will be to report the situation to the relevant authorities.  I'm posting here to check if I have missed something before I take the matter forward.

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Posting on here won’t get your situation resolved I’m afraid. As a fellow customer I can only point you in the right direction to get things secure for your account.

Firstly watching content does not keep the membership(s) active. As you’ve said a family member has watched something, it sounds like they took out a brand new membership without your say so. 

Secondly you can’t remove your payment details unless you want your account closed completely.

What I would fully recommend if you plan on keeping your account is to put a payment PIN on your account.

Then go onto live chat and request ALL devices to be removed from your account. That way no-one can login and kick start a new membership without you knowing.

For live chat, click “chat online” within the green box. Don’t hit “get help quicker” as this is a bot.

If you don’t want your account then you need to email support using the address in the below picture.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help