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I set up on 6/12/23 an account in my mothers name, she’s 89 and prides herself still to being independent, however I didn’t note that you have to be digital these days to have Now TV, so I cancelled immediately, received email saying cancelled which I thought was it. Alas checking bank this morning I found they had taken the £34.99 immediately, I tried calling this morning no luck, so tried BOT to be told can’t speak to me as in her name, explained she doesn’t use computers and that it won’t be used so want refund, they insisted to speak to mum but she is unable and that I just want refund. No help from anyone that I had contact with due to being in her name, wanted her to have something in her name still but alas that is not possible if I need to discuss her information. Explained it has come out of my account and I’m not going to ask her for it back especially as she won’t use. Bad form on NOW TV part should be more understanding. Any suggestions?

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The £34.99 sounds like a sports membership. When you cancel 1 membership it won't automatically cancel all memberships. 
They all need to be actioned separately. 

Are you able to confirm what the £34.99 was all about in the account payments section?

You can try filling out this form however.
submit your complaint by web form

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help


AAMOI, how did you think the Now service was going to be delivered? And why Sports? And who did you telephone as there is no phone service for streaming?

But at long as you contact Now on Live Chat from that account, they should talk to you without a problem.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.