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Hi all,


In the begging of April we moved to our new flat and we trust in Now TV to be our new broadband. From one month ago, every week we’re receiving emails saying that our service it will be cancelled, we call back to you every time to let you know that this is not possible and you said always that you will fix this issue but after one week that this happens, again the same email.

We didn’t cancel anything and now you’re telling us that on 21th of May our service it will be cut off. Why??? This is a nightmare, we didn’t cancel any service and you’re not providing us any solution through phone calls, we need the internet to work at home and this is your mistake, we need a solution ASAP. It’s not a solution that we have to reorder the broadband and wait one or two weeks to start to work again. It’s UNACCEPTABLE.


Thanks in advance


@Anonymous User 


Hey Rafa


The Now TV team may or may not see your post here because it's mainly customer based.


I understand that you may be able to contact them over on the Twitter website, as I don't do such thing myself (being an old fuddy duddy) I can neither confirm nor deny that you'll make contact.


Good Luck


UK Bob