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Can't enter live chat - Sky analytics connection refused

Hi there, the 'Get help quicker' button at the bottom of this help page does not work:


In the browser console, I can see it sending a request to and hitting a `ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED` error:


It throws this error every time the button is clicked, so it seems to be preventing access to the live chat feature.


I wanted to get some help with updating some personal details on my account, but I can't even open the chat to get started on that process.

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Re: Can't enter live chat - Sky analytics connection refused

The get help quicker button leads you to the notorious nowbot not live chat. On the help page you need to click on the green get in touch button down the right and then click on the next few options till you get to a page that has a small blue button with a down arrow to click that then has live chat hidden beneath it with a choice of tv or broadband live chat. 

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