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Can't complete payment on Sports special offer

When I try to take advantage of the £20 sports membership special offer and add my payment details (card number/expiry/security code) and tick the box to agree to the terms of use the checkout button remains greyed out meaning that I can't click on it to complete.

Separately I have been in email correspondence on various issues and have not received any replies despite multiple emails.  Very poor service.

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The chat feature that you could use to 'speak' to a real person also seems to have been removed, leaving just a bot service which is useless...

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Speak to staff via live chat. Which can be accessed by clicking “chat online” within the green box, don’t hit “get help quicker” as this is a bot.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@Jester77 it has been a long time since I signed up so can't remember the full process but I have a draft question, do they still ask for your address? If so, is your house number a single digit eg 1? If yes to both questions, try putting one or two zeros before the number eg 001. There used to be an odd quirk where the form had to see two or three numbers.