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Can't Cancel Entertainment Trial


I've been trying for weeks to cancel my Now TV free Entertainment Pass. Everytime I click cancel it doesn't change anything.

I've tried from Chrome and IE and from different computers and mobile devices. 

You've now billed me. Which I couldn't afford. And getting any kind of customer service is so difficult.

As you can tell, I only watched Chernobyl (which was great, even if your service isn't even in HD)


I still can't cancel the pass. Help

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


See if NowTV Live Chat can help you out.


Open the link page below and select the most appropriate help topic (or topic closest to your problem) then once you get to stage 3 scroll down towards the bottom of the screen page and click on the drop down arrow below Get in Touch to reveal the Live Chat button.


Also NowTV highest streaming quality is 720p which is classed HD (though not 1080p from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime where the PQ is slightly sharper with more detail when watching on my projector screen).


Rumour has it NowTV might be having a PQ bump to 1080p sometime this year.


Like you i really enjoyed Chernobyl which was excellent and gripping.

Anonymous User
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Wow. I opened a ticket already but I didn't know I'd have to navigate through various options and then find the little arrow to bring up online chat. But thank you for your help.


Just wish the Cancel Pass button actually did what it was supposed to. Not great from Now TV

I'll give it a go. Thanks again