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Can sport be entertainment?

I had an issue where we only watch sports and it had auto signed for another package, firstly movies then entertainment. 


When I spoke with live chat, there was a film I had never heard of that apparrently started, but the entertainment was watching the 10 minute on-demand highlights of a football match. These 10 minute highlights are accessed by going down the sports menu, clicking sports on demand and selecting the game. It does ask for pin details though. 


Having had everything cancelled I wanted to watch this week's game highlights but don't want the same issue again. I access it via sports, there is nothing to tell me that it's entertainment, but that's what the live chat said had activated it before. I can't see how, but can anyone else clarify please before I incur another £9.99 charge. 


Many thanks


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@Anonymous User 

What is the name of the content your watching? 

One thing I do know is sometimes Sky Showcase can show football games. 

That being said when Peacock arrived only for the entertainment membership, it had thrown a few people off because it has both films and TV shows. But if you only have the cinema membership I know for a fact you can’t watch it if it’s on the Peacock brand.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Anonymous User 


Having a Payment Pin on your account should prevent you or other people accidentally buying a pass that you don't want.


If you click on anything Entertainment, Cinema for example with a Payment Pin added to your online NOW account, it should then ask for your Payment Pin which means you haven't got an active pass used on this account.


If you have an active Sports Membership (Day or full blown Monthly) the Sports on Demand content or live Sky Sports channels should start automatically (unless you have just bought a Day Sports Membership and you may need to kick start it into action on a PC, smartphone or tablet).


There is some live sports through an Entertainment Membership (such has the occasional WSL football for example) but normally it s accessed through the Entertainment Sky Showcase live channel.


To watch the NOW Sports on Demand content you will need an active NOW Day or full blown Monthly Sports Pass. 


If you have a current active NOW Sports Membership and it's asking you to buy a Pass or asking for your Payment Pin then make sure under the My Account section of your playback device you are logged in with the correct NOW login details and it should also show what NOW Memberships are active.