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Can not access payment details page

I have tried and tried so many times but I keep getting redirected to the home page, I’ve updated my pins and my email address and home

address I’ve literally done everything advised on here and the internet but I cannot access my payment details page. This means I can not activate my new now tv stick I bought either as just keeps saying there’s a problem and to go to my account. Please help 

thank you 


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Re: Can not access payment details page

i’m having exact same problem today and it’s driving me nuts!

its saying that my payment details may need to be updated (which my card details are not out of date) but when i press to update details it directs me to a page welcoming me to now tv???!!!

ive been a member for years!

im unable to buy any passes or watch any of now tv.

there is no online chat so unsure what to do?