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HI everyone hope someone can help me? I had my broadband went live yesterday and I had a email saying my 1st bill will come out today but they only took £11.99 out rather then the full amount so when I looked on my payments it says broadband isn't due till May

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I would go to My Account > Bills & Payments whilst signed in on here and see your current and up & coming payments (click on the drop down arrows whilst in the section to expand the information further which should give you a breakdown of the charge in question).


I have come accross in the past with a first Broadband payment that sometimes NowTV only part charge and recoupes the difference owed for the first month the next following month.


This happened to my Sister, where over the first two months the bill did eventually balance out correctly.


Would have also said it could have been the delivery of the Hub Router or setup fee but looking at the nowtv website at the moment it looks like their 12 month Broadband offers are for these fees are zero, where the non contract Broadband admin fee is £60 where it doesn't match up with your £11.99 charge (unless there was £11.99 fee for the Hub delvery a couple of weeks ago when you ordered the Broadband service and the fee has changed since).