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Broadband not working for 2 weeks

I’ve had no internet for 2 weeks.  Each time I phone I receive different reasons for the fault, I’m promised phone calls which I don’t receive.  I’m told there’s a 72 hour turnaround to fix a problem and I’ve been waiting 2 weeks!  I’ve had no TV, no cinema, no internet, no Alexa (music), I’ve overused my mobile phone data allowance and have had to pay extra.  I’ve waited for a phone call from one of your managers which I was told would be within 2 hours (that was 3 hours ago!).  Very, very disappointed in Nowtv!  Reference number  12981265


That is disappointing. Unfortunately nobody from NOW will respond on here, you will need to persevere with contacting them by phone directly. Have you tried the complaints number 0800 759 1213?

Other than that, the only consolation I can offer is that you should be entitled to automatic compensation once the issue is finally frixed, as set out here:



Thanks for the reply.  I’m trying every avenue to try and get it resolved.  Thanks again.

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You won't speak to broadband support on here ever. As you noticed only another customer has been kind enough to reply to your post. 

Just keep pestering the broadband team is all I can suggest. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Thanks for replying.  I’m just trying anything and everything to get some kind of help.  It’s ridiculous but thanks for the reply.

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If you still haven't got a service, and no good answer to why, try raising an official complaint (if you haven't done so already) they should at least give you an explanation. There can't be many reasons why it would take so long to restore your service.

How To File A Complaint (