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Broadband bill changed

I have been paying £25 a month since 2020, always being told it will never change.

I had an email in December asking to either stay at £25 a month or chose a different package, I chose to stay at £25.  Fast forward to July 6 months later and by bill is now £28.50 a month. No warning, no explanation, nothing.

I telephoned and was put through to a guy I couldn’t understand who only wanted to sell me a different package, he hung up on me when I said I didn’t want one of his ‘super’ offers.

impossible to get through to an English speaker anymore, and they don’t reply to emails.

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Have a nosy at this link.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Thanks for the link, 👍 would have been a good idea if they had notified us though, I had no email, txt, nothing.

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Everybody had an email and it was flagged up on here for several weeks. I am curious why you only comment about this now when it happened in July? Have you checked for any further emails since then, as if your last deal expired in December last year you maybe should have received a further update/notification.


I was told by email it would go up by £3.50 per month also. it did in October to £30.59 which I expected.  Then in October they charged me £35, then in November £43.50!!!! i have had NO ENAILS from Now to say it would go up a further 2 times. Originally £ almost doubled in less than 6 months!


I've just switched to another provider. not only are they better priced but I get full fibre and much quicker download speeds.  Still annoyed though 😠