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Broadband account

Hi, so my dad opened a broadband account several years ago. We've been using the WiFi with little issue but then my dad got a new card. This means that his payment details were out of date and now NOWTV cannot take money out of his account. This was notified to us through email X. 

Naturally I asked my dad for the log in so I can update the account. However when logging in it appears there is no broadband account, despite the email being sent to email X about missing payments. 

We currently have no way of finding our broadband account. No way of updating our payment details. No way of using the internet as on their end it appears we are not paying our bills. 

Champion 2

Get onto the broadband support team directly by calling 0330 041 2518. Your dad will need to be present to answer any security questions. They will be able to trace the account and advise further.