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Broadband Service Cancellation

I have switched to a new FTTP provider & have been trying to cancel my NowTV broadband service but am finding it impossible to do so. I have tried calling the number provided by the NowTV website several times but the idiotic automated response server refuses to recognise my input & keeps cutting me off. Have tried to activate the Live Chat to discuss but there are never any agents available. It feels as though NowTV are deliberately putting obstacles in the way of anyone who tries to cancel their broadband service. This is unacceptable behaviour. Unless I get a quick response from NowTV, I shall complain to the regulator.

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@Anonymous User 

Can you confirm what number you are trying to call?


On this link the 0800... free from number for broadband.


You can always send an email to customer services.

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help