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Bought new TV but still can't get Now TV

Old TV suddenly stopped showing now tv as "device no longer supports now TV....."  Bought new TV and gues what "device no longer supports now tv. TV is Samsung 7 series, crystal uhd smart tv with Tizen.  Our broadband provider is EE and we use an EE router. 

Why is is not compatible???? And why do customers have to post on a forum to get answers???

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@Anonymous User some models of Samsung aren't compatible. Check your devices compatibility in this link by clicking on Samsung TV.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


What's the full model number of your new Samsung Tizen Smart TV ?


Quick question are you based in the mainland UK, Republic of Ireland or The Channel Islands ?


If you are based in The Channel Islands, maybe see if anything in this link below helps. 


@Anonymous User 


Hey (Y)All


You asked,"And why do customers have to post on a forum to get answers???"


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Funny question, made me smile.



UK Bob