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I was moving house so sky gave me a month pass for Entertainment, Movies and Sport. After checking my bank statement this week I’ve been charged for all of these for another month with out using them previously i was wondering if I could be able to get a refund 

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Re: Billing

Hi @Bewick 


If they was NowTV one month voucher code passes, then these type of passes auto renew each month unless you cancel.


Did you receive any correspondence from NowTV such has an email with these free passes on them and did it mention anywhere about the passes will keep auto renewing each month unless your cancel ?


Anyway your best bet is to contact live chat and ask them for a refund and whilst speaking to live chat ask them to cancel any active passes on your account which you don't want to keep using.


To reach live chat open the link below and click on the small blue arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch to reveal the green live chat button to click on.