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Billing and Payments



I recently finished the 7 day trial and decided to sign up for both the entertainment and the film packages, but the payments seem to be all over the place. I had one for £11.99 one day, then the next had another for £8.99. These two payments i’m assuming are for the two packages. But this morning I had another payment for £3 go out of my account and I have no idea what this is for. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve checked my subscriptions and i’m only subscribed to the two packages mentioned above.

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Re: Billing and Payments

@laurence112 the only thing that costs £3 is the HD Boost. 


If you go to your account online, 'passes and vouchers', under each category is a little arrow that if you click on will tell you if you've activated it and the date of the next payment.


You, or someone in your house may have accidentally activated it. If you haven't, you can cancel it from the same area of your account. It is a 3 or 4 stage process to get it to cancel which should culminate in a confirmation email.

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