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Beware Of Misleading Sales When Cancelling

I was happily enjoying both movie and entertainment passes until they recently pushed up the prices at the end of my deal. So I signed up to Netflix and cancelled NowTV.  


1) The first time I cancelled the cancellation did not work, because it seems you have to confirm "Yes I still want to cancel" 3 times and I must have only confirmed this TWICE. 

2) When I discovered I hadnt cancelled it, I tried again and made absolutely sure this time. 

3) After cancelling my NowTV account offered me a free 7 day Movie subscription, followed by £3/mth for 6 months, and then £11.99


On seeing the payment leave my bank account I logged in to discover they misrepresented what they were offering and tricked me into signing up for a "£3 Boost Package" and movies go to £11.99 after 7 days instead of 6 months. Why on earth would I agree to a Boost Pack when I don't even have an HD tv and when I have NEVER watched on more than ONE device before? 


I am sure that while I was clearly misled, the promotion was ran by the lawyers to make sure it was legal? But everyone needs to be aware that it is vital they study any good deal offered to make sure they are signing up for what they think they are. It might also be a good idea to sign back in to your account the following day to make sure they are on the deal they thought they bought. 


I wanted to complain but unfortunately there are no phone numbers, email addresses or webmail facilities to do so. So I am now trying to decide whether to complain to the Regulators, or just put the £14.99 that they owe me down to bad experience. 


The crazy thing is that I been using them happily for 2 or 3 years now and would have continued with them forever. But their greed in getting more money out of me has resulted in losing me to Netflix and stopped me recommending NowTV to everyone 😞 


Sometime LESS is MORE 

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@Anonymous User 
Use this link to get to Live chat and other methods of “complaining”


If your still not happy with the answer you can have a look through this

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help