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Being charged for an account I'm told does not exist?!



With the new season of GoT I decided to sign up for a free trial, forgetting I had previously been a member (honest). I purchased a Fire TV stick in a bundle with two months free Entertainment pass and needed to register an account to pair the new stick with the pass and that is why I signed for the trial - although I guess this may not have been necessary.


I went through the sign-up process, username and password as well as registering my debit card (for the trial). At the end I was logged in briefly until I went to a different menu and the website had signed me out. Trying to sign in I was told username/password were incorrect and trying to reset told me there was no such email registered...


I then had a live chat and this flagged up my previous (non-trial) account which the operative managed to access and I could login to this account after resetting my password as I had forgotten it.  I mentioned having signed up for a free trial account with a different email address, same debit card though. All the checks carried out did not reveal the latter account, I am certain that I was logged in to this new account briefly as above. Was told there was only one account on the NOW TV systems. Fine.


I have now been billed £7.99 (saw the charge on my bank statement) but this charge is not linked to my working NOW TV account. Or is it?


In 'My Account' Upcoming payments says;


Entertainment Month Pass

To be paid on 18 May
Your passes says;
Entertainment Month Pass
You're on a free offer until 18 Jun 2019.
You're getting 11 pay TV channels and over 300 Box Sets. Regular price £7.99 a month
Recent payments says;
Recent payments
Entertainment Month Pass
Paid on 18 Apr
But If I have two months free why was I charged £7.99 - not I assume for the weird secondary account which I am sure was registered but am told does not exist?

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(Double) So Mike


If you bought an Amazon Fire Stick, as you seem to indicate, then someone should have told you that it's not a Now TV supported device, i.e. you can't use it to watch Now TV.


Check out this URL:


OK, if that's your only problem then you're golden, you just have to exchange your Amazon Fire Stick for a Now TV one.


Still, if your account is so messed up that it can't be sorted then may I suggest you get back onto Now TV's Help and asked them to scrub your old account and talk you through starting up a new one, kinda "Jack and Jill" you though the process.


UK Bob



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My bad. I have a NOW TV stick, not an Amazon Fire.


Thanks for your help. I'll chase up why I'm being billed on top of the existing pass.