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Already cancelled and still billed

Hi I have already cancelled all my packages so I am trying to see how I get my refund back on all these please 

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Re: Already cancelled and still billed

There are two separate issues here.


Firstly, Cancelling does not actually cancel any Passes you have running; really, what you are Cancelling is any future Passes that NowTV would otherwise bill you for.


So you shouldn’t expect any money back for Passes you have running.


But you say ‘still billed’; is this because you are expecting money back, but as above that’s not how it works, or have NowTV taken further money since you thought you cancelled?


If so, do you have emails confirming the cancellation(s) from before the date(s) of the further billing(s)?


But whether you do or not, if you have not used the Passes in the period any additional charges were applied, then get onto Live Chat, explain, and see if they can sort it out for you.





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