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Adds on Now TV ?- but its a premium subscription service, what are you thinking of Marina Storti?

Now TV is a premium subscription based  Video on demand service (SVOD) , one of many that are now available such as Netflix, Disney plus, amazon prime and so on

None of the premium SVOD services, listed above force you to watch adverts.


"Free" video on demand services such as My5, All 4, ITV hub etc contain adverts however these services are free at the point of delivery, where the price paid by the viewer is having to watch a few adverts


It is absolutely perverse that a company such as Now Tv sees it fit to continue to charge for a service that, if it contains adverts should be "free" at the point of delivery as per  ITV hub, All4, My5 etc, and its no acceptable to discount accounts to any value other than £0.00 per month.


When now Tv first started, it was a way to get ( and pay for)  reduced Sky TV content if you couldn't get Sky via standard means, it also offered a way to legitimately watch content, instead of going down the Kodi with a few add on's route.

 This retro grade move by Now TV/Sky will effectively drive away customers who will switch to other services, and even back into the hands of the so called "IPTV" bandits



You can email the managing Director of Now TV, Marina Storti at [email removed]

might get a little further than the echo chamber of a customer forum with no company reps

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