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Adding NOW to BT

Hi there

I recently bought the NOW TV season pass for sport, ten months I think it last.

Is there any way to "add" this NOW TV to my BT Account? Does anyone have any experience of this? I completely forgot to see if BT were doing any deals which is a pain as I'd very much like the ability to record!

Has anyone ever tried to add their NOW TV account to BT? Would I have to take out something else with BT (say, entertainment) in order for them to do that?

A couple of years ago I actually did take out entertainment with BT through NOW TV and I happened to have a sky sports pass that was running down at the time- for a month or so I had the sports channels on my BT Box,

Anyway- any help or anyone who has tried this would be great! I phoned up BT but the guy sounded very unsure about the whole thing.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


Firstly are you just a BT internet customer or do you subscribe to BT TV and have a NOW Bolt on package either previously or active.


If your NOW account was transferred across to BT TV, then you will not be able to take up this offer and will need to contact BT TV directly to see if they have any Sports deals themselves with the NOW Sports.


Or alternatively, you could possibly create a new separate account purely for the NOW Sports deal direct, though it gets a little messy managing both accounts and logging in and out of devices when swapping between your BT TV login and separate NOW Sports account that you created.


If it was me, i would speak to BT TV to see if they can offer you a similar Sky Sports deal.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


If you have already bought the Sports Membership offer deal via the NOW website, then it sounds to me that you have two separate accounts and the account that the Sports deal offer was purchased isn't part of your BT TV account.


From my understanding you can't link a BT TV account with a NOW bolt on package with a standalone NOW account not associated with BT TV.


You may have to manage both accounts and when changing from BT TV and NOW to watch different Memberships, you will have to keep logging in and out with the relevant account details on your various playback devices.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Or contact BT TV to see if they have any Sports deals that is attractive and if the NOW 10 months Sports deal is a monthly deal over 10 months, then cancel it where you won't have to pay the remaining months left on the offer.


Should it have been an upfront payment in full, maybe contact NOW live chat to see if they can offer a refund (if BT TV have any competitive Sports deals if you especially want the live record feature when watching Sports via the BT TV main TV electronic programme guide on your BT TV Youview box.


@Anonymous User 


If even BT are unsure, then God help the rest of us.


But as @schnapps says, to have Now bundled with BT TV, you need to have a BT TV package, and not just have BT as your ISP, though that itself is a prerequisite.


And BT TV can take on Now direct subscribers with running passes, via a charge-and-refund system they have.


Though whether that would preserve your existing Now offer, bump you back to the £33.99 a month, or move you to a BT offer for Now Sports, is something you would have to confirm with them before hopping over.


But what is the attraction of going with BT for Now? You do get the channels on your EPG on a YouView box (but no subtitles!) which yes you can record (but on direct Now, check if you can download instead), and you do get telephone support; but is that worth losing the total flexibility of Now, and the retention offers that come up when you start a Cancel, neither of which you get with BT?

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
This week, I are genrally been watching epsidoes on my Sasmung TV